If you are looking for a way to lose weight without paying over the odds then the hypno slim (virtual gastric band) is perfect for you, this is alternative way to weight loss surgery which allows your unconscious mind to believe that you have a gastric band fitted and that your stomach is the size of a golf ball after just 4 sessions.

You will be taken on a journey, from choosing the hospital you want to your gastric band fitted at, through to the day of your band being fitted and right through to the aftermath of the treatment being carried out.

Whilst the sessions are taking place and you are being hypnotised you will be in a calm and pleasant place where you feel as though you could possibly be awake but not completely, you will be taken to place of deep relaxation.

It does not matter how much or or little weight you want to lose the possibilities are endless. This is a long term solution with no hidden fees or added sessions.

The only this I ask is that you be open minded and want to change your eating habits.

Success if the only option as this method is proven to work, I have seen positive results time after time.

For any further queries or if you interested in starting your Hypnoslim program please contact us today!